A2. Lasso Hillsdale-Multnomah

Map drawn by Gus Miller. Not a TriMet map!

Many people drive their cars in this loop while doing errands.

Timing: The loop from Terwilliger & Taylor's Ferry (TER+TF) and back again by car is about 14 minutes. The one-way time from the college to TER+TF is max 7 minutes. The a total time would be 14 + 14 = 28 minutes, not counting stops and a layover.

The 'fast return' (I-5 ramp) from Multnomah Village is tempting to include in the route because it is a long straight stretch at 45 MPH. In combination with the freeway ramp leading to the Terwilliger bridge, it cuts out a lot of time. Auto drivers know this short circuit, and use it whenever the opportunity presents itself. However, this may not be appropriate for a bus route, and it could be complicated when freeway incidents occur. (But then again, such incidents usually foul the entire area around I-5, Terwilliger, and Taylors Ferry.)

Oddly, TriMet chose to show the Loop route as one of the three concepts being considered at the September 29th meeting at the college. The consensus at the CVNA October meeting was to abandon this freeway ramp route in favor of the two-way route between Multnomah Village and L&C (#4).

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