A3. Hillsdale Clockwise (Terwilliger)

aka Small Loop Terwilliger. (Dave & Dixie)

Map drawn with OpenOffice.org Draw by John Miller.
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This alternative goes to Hillsdale by via Bertha first, goes through Hillsdale East-to-west, then back via Terwilliger.

Hillsdale Clockwise Loop

This alternative goes in front of Fred Meyer, then to Bertha, then through Hillsdale West-to-East stopping at Wilson HS, then back to the College via Terwilliger. This is not our first choice. We would agree to this route only if we cannot do the two-way route below for whatever reason.

Advantage: In Hillsdale, the stop is on the same side of Capitol Hwy as Wilson High School.


The turn from Bertha onto Capitol Hwy is made via Bertha Court. TriMet tested this turn on Friday, October 14th and found it doable. (See two-way route below. The bus had problems doing the reverse — going down Bertha Court from Capitol to get back onto Bertha.) A another test on December deemed that the return was doable by the bus, but it wasn't the best situation for a bus driver to be in, having to look back ... (I think this is described elsewhere.)

The drawback of this alternative is that it contains a loop rather than going both directions along its entire route.

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