A8. #139 = #1 Vermont + #39 (TriMet)

At the September 29th, 2005 community meeting at the college, TriMet proposed that they combine the service hours for the #39 with those of the #1 Vermont to form a route that goes from Lewis & Clark College to what they call Vermont Hills neighborhood area (exactly where the #1 goes now). The two bus routes would be joined at Burlingame Fred Meyer. This would only be done during off-peak hours.

During peak hours, #1 would run its current route to downtown instead of continuing over to Collins View and the College. During those peak hours, #39 would function as it does now, just going to Fred Meyer, hopefully better synchronized with the #1.

For a map of the TriMet Concept, just join #1 and #39 at the hip, and draw a dotted line downtown to represent the peak hour service. A simple map can't show clearly how the route would vary during the course of the day, but the schedule table would.

To summarize, this new off-peak route would look just like #39 plus #1, with two buses circulating to give a frequency of 30 minutes.

Status: Rejected at the Oct 16th Working Group meeting. Neighbors weren't interested in the different routes at different times.

Further Analysis of TriMet's #139 Proposal

On 9/29/05, TriMet proposed that the service hours for #39 and #1 be combined to form a sort of super route "#139" during off peak hours. (Described above.) The schedule would have to be atleast partially re-written.
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