"First Ride"

On Sunday, June 4th, 2006, the #39 arrived at Lewis & Clark College at 11:14 am. It laid over just off Palatine Hill Road on the Huddleson Lane southwest of Templeton Center until 11:29 when it departed for Hillsdale, marking the beginning of a six month test of its new route. The "First Ride" was free of charge!

Photos by Gus Miller

Published in the July 2006 SWNI Newsletter.

Monkey Business in the back of the bus...

The Hillsdale Welcoming Party!

Collins View Neighbors Meet Hillsdale.

Hillsdale Gets on the Bus!


John says: My wife and I shopped around the Hillsdale Farmer's Market, as did others. Then enjoyed some coffee and a goodie at Baker&Spice. I have continued to ride in the morning to check out the transit action in Hillsdale and transfer to the first bus along. I stopped in Hillsdale on the way from town one evening to return a book to the county library before taking #39 home. I've since discovered that Baker&Spice has a wonderful Rhubarb Danish.

From Dorothy Fay: I'm really pleased that so many people took the time to ride the bus today. I hope the ridership will build and we will not only keep the bus but improve its schedule. I got to the library, had lunch, shopped at La Paloma and walked around the farmer's market talking to vendors that I know.

From Liz Pollak on 6/7/06: I hadn't ridden the 39 in a few years--though live right on the route. I've already ridden it 2x this week and plan to ride it nearly everyday when I take classes at PSU this summer.

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THANKS TO TRIMET FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN! The shelter at Sunset and Capitol proudly displays the #39 Schedule, and the #39 route 'sticker' is on the signpost.

Monday morning, there were at least 11 of us on the #39 as it went toward Hillsdale. 5 or 6 Wilson students are riding it already! In the evening, I've seen students use the #39 to get down to Barbur, evidently to catch the #12!

The #39 is taking on a life of its own.

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Portland, Oregon | June 6th, 2006