Route Segments

We seem to have decomposed the route into three loosely coupled segments.. 1) from the college to Taylor's Ferry + Terwilliger intersection, 2) from said intersection to Burlingame Fred Meyer 3) from Burlingame FM to Hillsdale.

In addition, we had to decide between running the bus back and forth along some segments, or making a loop (or two!) to get back to some point on the route.

1. Cutting The Palatine Hill Back Road

Unfortunately for some folks perhaps, in order to narrow alternatives and save time, we propose to discontinue the Palatine Hill "Back" Road segment. This changes an existing part of the current route.

Saves ~2 minutes, some fuel, cuts out 3 speed bumps.

2. Taking Spring Garden vs Terwilliger

Working on it...

3. Fred Meyer to Hillsdale and Back

Working on it...

Looping vs Alternating

According to TriMet, and established route guidelines, a typical transit route will operate in both directions along a designated street/route and have stops generally placed across the street from one another serving both directions of the route, with a layover placed at one end of the route. Besides the obvious limits of a loop route, riders may also be forced to wait through the duration of a layover (if the layover is in the loop).

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