My Calendar Pages

Back in 1977 or so, the college printshop inadvertently printed 500 copies of my hand-drawn calendar page blanks printed in B&W. So, I had a lifetime supply! I filled in the day numbers with my fountain pen. I wrote in the Month and Year at the top. I colored the day of week with my standard day-coloring scheme.

I have these Month pages going back to ~1977. I have some weeks in a Week format, and some days in an hourly format.

Here is my month page for June 1982. Note the brown ink, which I evidently used when I made the 12 months of 1982. Note that various markings were written in blue, black, or even red ink, or pencil.

This is a scan of the calendar page....
Hand-drawn calendar for month of June, 1982

John Miller's calendar for June, 1982, annotated

(1st) OFJ on June 1st & 11th stands for Oregon Friends of Jung. I was on the board of directors. OFJ website

(1st) I can’t remember exactly what ‘sort’ meant on June 1 (and May 31). It appears on other calendar pages as well.

(5th) Funny that it has a giant B--> Just like Kavanaugh's BEACH WEEK. The B represent me planning to work on my B-machine after finals week was over. As you can see on the 15th, I did a B-Show. I probably have a poster I made for the demo I did in Sacajawea. I'll dig that up to corroborate. I was still teaching at Lewis & Clark College.

(5th) Note that no UNIX is over-written by the giant B. I had permission from the adminstration to shutdown VMS on the college's VAX 11/780, and boot up Berkely Unix from after dinner on Friday until Like noon on Saturday. I don't recall the exact hours. But there was a group of us who pulled all-nighters learning, configuring, and using unix -- setting up /etc/termcap and /etc/printcap, learning vi, C, playing unix games, etc. This was PRE INTERNET FOLKS. BSD UNIX on VAX is a whole 'nother story. I see on the JULY 1982 calendar page that we had UNIX on the 10th & 24th.

(11th) see OFJ note for 1st.

(13th) If I recall, since this was going to be my last year teaching at the college after 10 years, I convinced my department (math) to allow me to walk in with them in Cap & Gown.. (I had skipped my grad ceremony at WSU in 1972 in order to show up at work at L&C.). I was a lowly adjunct Instructor/Lecturer -- but this last year I had the title of Asst Professor or something like that, so they let me order a gown & my computer science colors.. (Details omitted.) Otherwise, I never attended graduation. At least this is my interpretation of this. Better call the FBI!

(14th) I was getting Orthodontic treatment at the time.

(21st) Mystery: What was the RAWADA or RANADA house party? Who was there?? I think it was a Kegger.

(28th) More Mysteries: WHO is deidra on the 28th? WHY Did I note wheel of fortune on the 28th? WHO lived at 2127 NW Irving in Apt #307!??

(25th) WTF is nid ever on 25th? (Crossed out on the 26th.) It may have to do with OFJ. See entry for 11th above. Could have been a light hearted evening - dinner. Not sure. Was not Beer or Boffing, I swear!

(19th) Charley and Sidney - I can only guess to be programming student Charlie Stocks and his wife Sidney. He connected with me in June 2016 because he saw an article about my volunteer-of-the-year award in the local paper. Turns out his son Joel is a chef at Portland's super award-winning restaurant 'Holdfast'.

(3, 4, 9, 10, 15) I mentioned that it was finals week. Not sure, but Reviews on 3rd and 4th, Tests on 9th & 10th, with Grades Due on the 15th. I often blew out of there after the term was over... but I was a homeowner, etc, so I may have taken on House projects. Different sheet for planning and managing remodeling! I have all of those too if you are interested. LOL.

I might check my weekly pages for June to confirm and/or find other details about this month.