Site Team A whereabouts, 2018

This is written for Site Team A, which will set up, manage, and tear down Halfway, Elgin, and La Grande. Site Team B follows a similar pattern, managing Baker City (the start/finish site), Wallowa Lake, and Pendleton.
Early Setup Crew is a team combined from Teams A&B, and other CO Teams.
Day -3 WED Drive vehicles to Baker City
DAY -2 THU Set up Long Term Parking, overall site signage, etc.
DAY -1 FRI Set up continues (Some biker/campers may arrive Friday PM)
Volunteer BBQ/photo Friday ~4 PM.

DAY 0 SAT Baker City Bikers arrive at Baker City en masse, autos, busses, etc. Site Team B manages Site Team A leaves Baker City by 9AM Site Team A sets up Halfway site. DAY 1 SUN Halfway Bikers leave Baker City, arrive at Halfway Site Team A manages. DAY 2 MON Wallowa Lake Bikers leave Halfway, arrive at Wallowa Lake Site Team A breaks down Halfway and travels to Elgin Site Team A sets up Elgin Site Team A won't see Wallowa Lake at all. DAY 3 TUE Elgin Bikers leave Wallowa Lake, arrive at Elgin Site Team A manages. DAY 4 WED Pendleton (layover site) Bikers leave Elgin arrive at Pendleton Site Team A breaks down Elgin and travels to Pendleton Site Team A assists with Pendleton, takes it easy all day VOLUNTEERS will be asked to parade for the riders at the Main Stage, ??pm. DAY 5 THU Pendleton (Layover day, 2nd night, 13th!) Bikers leave Pendleton and return to Pendleton. (Site Team B manages) Site Team A leaves by 9AM for La Grande Site Team A sets up La Grande DAY 6 FRI La Grande Bikers leave Pendleton, arrive at La Grande Site Team A manages. DAY 7 SAT Baker City Finish Bikers leave La Grande, arrive at Baker City Site Team A breaks down La Grande and travels to Baker City Site Team A assists with Baker City, Day 7 mode. Check into Motel at end of day. Evening Volunteer Banquet DAY +8 SUN Check out of Motel Cycle Oregon Leaves Baker City, arrives at Portland.


Breakfast is usually with the Team either in a cafe or the dining tent.

2018: Team members will be free at Dinner/Beer/Stage times at Halfway, Elgin, the first night at Pendleton, and at LaGrande. We will also be free the whole first afternoon at Pendleton (a day off for Site Team A). Plans emerge.

When we are ahead of the Dining Tent, we will enjoy meals in towns near our (above) sites.

John Miller

I will drive one of the Steel trucks to Baker City on Wednesday and help set up on Thu/Fri.

Typically, I will be on an assigned project, or directing traffic, or hanging out at our Site Trailer.

I will stay in Baker City on Saturday night, Day 7, for a fun volunteer banquet, crash in a Motel room, then drive a Truck back to Portland on Sunday.

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