The Street Sweepers

The Street Sweepers™

Tired of something you see in your neighborhood or community? Expect the City to take care of it? Consider doing something about it yourself!

Go sweep the gravel off the shoulder where it's a road hazard for everyone. Pick up litter on the beach, on the street. Bring people together, seek permission, if necessary, to correct a situation.

Here are some examples. Each example may eventually have a full page.

  • Drain Keepers — Keep a Storm Drain open and flowing — be a [Drain Keeper]
  • Path Keepers — Lobelia Path and other Southwest Trails. Coming Soon.
  • Ocean Keepers — David Suzuki says: become an [Ocean Keeper]
  • Street Sweepers — This is more than Sweeping your Street. Coming Soon.
  • Adopt-a-Highway — litter pickup. Coming Soon.
  • Green Street Steward — Maintain green street features. On [Share Oregon], on City Website].
  • Trail Keepers — Trailkeepers of Oregon enhances our Oregon hiking experience. [TKO]
  • Sign Keepers — Preserving Pedestrian Right-of-Way and Access.
  • Bus Stoppers — People piling dog shit bags on the ashcan at a bus stop.
  • Cart Shaggers — Arnie, the Hillsdale Cart Return Tsar shags grocery carts back to the Store or suitable pickup site.
  • Ivy Pullers — Foot Patrollers — The Friends of River View Natural Area [FoRVNA]
  • Graffiti Removers — folks that go around and neutralize graffiti as it appears.. is there a better term than 'graffiti abatement' for this activity? [remove graffiti]
  • Litter Patrollers — The Usual Suspects meet every 1st Saturday in Hillsdale at Food Front to pick up litter for an hour.
  • Litter Grabber — Somebody's gotta to do it. Woodstock resident 'grabs' litter. We love [Barron]
  • Place Makers — people who humanize public spaces on a neighborhood scale through structures, gardening, ... [LINK]

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  • Rick Seifert is working to put forward a city ordinance that says anyone can take down illegal bandit signs.
  • The Broken Window and Graffiti effect on SouthwestCommunity ConnectioN.
  • I-5 On-Ramp Park — A piece of Scattered Eden. Plant some [SUNFLOWERS]

About the name 'The Street Sweepers'

Vance Packard wrote a series of influential books: The Waste Makers, The Hidden Persuaders, The Status Seekers, The Pyramid Climbers, The People Shapers.

In Anthem, by Ayn Rand, Equality 7-2521 is assigned his Life Mandate, Streep Sweeper.

Note about sweeping the parking lot at EAST VALLEY THRIFT STORE in the 1960's.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. — Margaret Mead [Brainy Quotes]


The Street Sweepers is NOT associated with the Promise Keepers or Oath Keepers!

The Trademark™ on Street Sweepers is a joke. :^)