R. Buckminster Fuller

Born: July 12, 1895 in Milton, Mass.

Information taken from NY Times and AP obituary articles, and from an interview with him by a Spokesman Review reporter.

NY Times obituary, published July 3, 1983.

PBS did an excellent TV documentary, American Masters: Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud , which you may be able to find in your library or video store. It is available for $40 from the link below.

Links to Fuller web pages

American Masters: Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud

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Sites with a General Perspective on The Work of R. Buckminster Fuller, Fuller's Writings On-Line, Bloggers with themes frequently related to Buckminster Fuller's Work, etc.

Fuller FAQ
Frequently asked questions and answers.

Global Energy Grid
Buckminster Fuller said: 'The global energy grid is the highest priority of the World Game'

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Collections of text and images from his life ...

Rebuilding Fuller's Dymaxion.
Some concept cars influence decades of automotive engineering. Some concepts never catch on. Some simply catch fire.

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