June 19th, 2004, Interment

The roses were blooming beautifully. Mom selected the above Peace rose to place with the ashes, and the smaller Peace roses for the vase on the front of the niche. Bob provided reddish-yellow roses for all to have. No other roses were cut for the ceremony.

Dad's ashes were kept in a vault at Fairmount between January and June. Fairmount staff brought the ashes to the "Mountain View" wall above the niche before the ceremony. The 'Idaho' portion of Jerry's ashes, kept at home, were beside those to be interred.

Ceremony Begins
Reading and Lord's Prayer from Rev Appleby, Horizon Hospice
Jerry's wish to have a Peace Rose involved with his cremation...
'if possible'.
About ashes to be spread at home and in Idaho
Closing of the niche by Fairmount Staff
Amazing Grace
Benediction by Rev Appleby
Roses for each person attending
Ceremony Ends

After lunch at the Longhorn BBQ, Mom and others spread some ashes around the Peace rose on Stout. Mom will place a rose in with the remaining ashes. The family will take the Idaho portion of the ashes and that rose to the Selway-Bitteroot wilderness.