Maintenance Fantasy Items January 2022

This is a cruel joke. Most of this will never be done! Back to Goals.

Emergency Preparedness

Check Emergency Supplies


Gutter Downspouts into catchment pond (no CDS)

Major Fantasy

Replace North Wing.  New foundation, 2 stories, solar on roof.

Outdoor Maintenance Projects

New Windows & Window seat for dining area
Clean & Paint North High Wall? Consider other siding?
Stucco / Shingles / Painting
South Wall skirting (LP siding)
Ground floor windows French doors
Deck Awning
Back Bath skylight - clean inside trim
Master bedroom ceiling - leak
In Lieu of new North Wing:
Shed: Awnings over steps

Indoor Creative Maintenance Projects

New Bathroom Counter
Bathroom Pendant Light
Kitchen Stove Hood to Fan
Trim Around Front Door
Pantry/Laundry Floor
Ceiling Heat Vents .. Trim or Vanes?
Hardwood floors

Arts & Crafts, Invention

Lightbulb Array
back bathroom Stained Glass window
upstairs door
dutch door stained glass, maybe.

Time Haven Media Office

In the style of a Brill Decktop Trolley 20x7'.
Tiny wood stove for heating.

Things Done!

Snort Fort: wind blocking loft end(s) - glass/plastic/?
Crawlspace - finish insulation, remove loose dirt
Plaster around power panel area
Morris Chair + Elk Hide cushions. (Thanks Drew, Pedro & Kim!)