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Pomona House Church

Location: Pomona, NJ
Opened: 1980's?

From Waymark.com: On Rt 30 in Pomona, there is a former house, now church that is shaped like a pyramid. At the turn of the century, it was called the Church of Knowledge and they practiced some type of natural healing but got sued and closed down.

There is a new sign out front which says Bethel Christian Assembly. There is no record of this new occupant anywhere on the web. There is no longer any evidence of that strange, criminal church or anything weirdly religious present on the property. There are three gray pyramids, a large one in the middle and two smaller connected gray ones on either side. Each one has sky lights on various sides like windows on a space capsule. A large road leads to the building with ample parking on the right side. The landscaping is overgrown a bit. The building is located on the shore bound (east) side of the White Horse Pike (Route 30) in a remote section of the highway.

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