Location: Seattle, Washington
Opened: July 3, 1914

The pyramidal roof, which begins at the 36th floor and is 54.5 by 44 feet in plan, extends upward 70 feet. The 35th floor has a wrap-around public observation deck.

The top originally contained a 15,000-gallon water tank (or 10,000 gallon?).

Formerly a water tower enclosure and suite for the caretaker, the pyramid at top has been converted into residential usage by Castanes Architects PS AIA and is now known as The Lighthouse.

(Wikipedia) After the restoration in the early 1990s, workers removed the 10,000-US-gallon (38,000 L) water tank in the top of the tower. The resulting space along with a former maintenance man's apartment became a three-story penthouse, the only residence in the building. It is currently occupied by artist/investor Petra Franklin, husband David Lahaie, and their two daughters.

The Lighthouse atop Smith Tower in Seattle.

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