Ulm Bibliothek - Stadtbibliothek

Location: Ulm, Germany
Function: Library
Owner: City of Ulm
Size: 35 meters
Architects: Gottfried Böhm and Severin Heiermann
Opened: 2004
Cost: 12.7 million euros
Occupants: Books

From Waymark.com: This is the Stadtbibliothek (City Library) of Ulm, Germany, Baden-Württemberg. Vestgasse 1 / 89073

Link to more about Ulm Bibliothek

Link to more about Ulm Bibliothek on Architecture Reviewed.

Includes a video, walk around, reflections of neighboring buildings, context, setting, elevator ride up and down, (spiral staircase wraps around elevators), walk-thru interiors..

Crazy - from the ground, close to the base, the building looks only three stories tall!

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