I.M.Pei Pyramid

Location: Paris, France
Owner: The Louvre

NOTE: I do not own rights to the above photo, nor do I know the photographer. I would like to know! I will remove the photo if anyone can source it. I found it on the web in about 2004 and failed to note anything.

The Pei pyramid is 72' tall which means that its base must be 112' per side. The area of glass is about 20,700 sq ft.

There is a small extension of the base for the entrance doorways, I don't know how many, that is not included in the above.

The angle that the sides make with the ground is 52 degrees -- measured between the side and the ground, NOT along an egde - that would be around 42 dgrees.

There are two or three smaller pyramids positioned around the large one.

Pei also designed the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

See Great Buildings on-line for lots of material on this Pyramid!

Below is my own photo from Spring 2011!

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