I think this came from Maths with Photographs, courtesy Richard Phillips in UK.

The Transamerica Pyramid

Location: 600 Montgomery Street / San Francisco, CA
Owner: Transamerica Real Estate Mgmt Co.
Size: 48 stories tall, 853' tall, 145' base
Architects: William L. Pereira & Associates
Opened: 12/69 - Summer 72

There is/was a free observation room located on the 27th floor.

Smallest floor is 45' per side.

Design allows more light to reach street.

Below. June 3, 1971, via SF Chronicle time vault: The Transamerica Pyramid is seen before the construction got to the apex in S.F.

Transamerica History

The Home Page for the Transamerica Pyramid has/had detailed Facts and Information, nice drawings, including a Time-Lapse movie of its construction... found on TRANSAMERICA ONLINE.

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