Kephren Pyramid Fireplaces

Location: French company

Translated by Google:
Built for thousands of years, the Pyramid of Chephren to the side of the Great Sphinx still intrigue by its mystery. With this timeless and contemporary form Arkiane created a new chimney design ductless apparent smoke, which will surprise your entourage. Here, everything is but flames and beauty, freedom, peace and serenity.

The secret: Four tubes hidden behind the amounts of the rotator aspire smoke and evacuate to the outside through a horizontal tube linked to a vertical chimney.

This new concept of smoke evacuation from underneath, with a circulation of vacuum cleaner, you can freely choose the location of your fireplace: in the center position on the cob or in a corner. The horizontal duct may run on the floor, hidden under a platform, whether in the ground or in the basement or crawl space...

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