The Pyramid Gallery

These are little snips from mail message rcvd over the last several years. I am going to ask each person (if still reachable via the e-address used at the time) to write back with details of their plans, ideas, aspirations, fantasies, etc. I hope that it will make for interesting reading, and perhaps we will have some graphics.
We are completing a retreat center in Jamul, Cal. and want to build a guest house (per zoning req.) about 1000 sq. ft. Do you have any construction plans for something like this or do you know who we could connect to that could help us?
I want to build a pyramid house based on the one at "De Kleine Aarde", Boxtel, The Netherlands.
I have been interested in building a pyramid house for a while now. Can you direct me to any info on the design and construction of a pyramid house? The two story 1200 sq. foot house looks about right for me.
I have been thinking about building a pyramid for my home for a couple years. After living in several A-frames, the thought came; a pyramid! Why not?
My partner and I are planning to build our home in the shape of a pyramid, we've had some basic ideas... 2 stories and a loft... 3 bedrooms... etc. We are stumped to find any basic designs. To make us sound more stranger, we would like to use as less metal as possible, and to keep the shape in scale with the great pyramid.

From the Netherlands

I am a pyramid fan, and I want to build my own pyramid house. Where can I find building plans for this purpose?

From Canada

I am interested in pyramid home structures and I wonder if you have any information or can steer me in the right area where I might look for it.

From Florida

I am developing a Health & Healing resort in ... there are several pyramid applications involved ...

From Florida, but leaving...

We are looking for plans to build one with the same dimensions as your drawing of the 2-story pyramid. If we can't do a pyramid, then we will build a geodesic dome home. I guess we are non-conformists!!! These two types of structures use less materials, have more volume and less surface area, are energy efficient, and are very strong. and, of course, very unusual!!
I met with two designers to discuss the design and construction of my pyramid home. They agreed that the concept and drawings that I have are great, however they did not feel that they have the level of expertise in this area. They also told me that in building a "Pyramid B&B Holistic Center" I would lose a great deal of space once focusing on the second and third floor. They recommended that I utilize the internet and seek others who have built a pyramid home/have the blue prints or find architects who would be willing to help me in this area. Can you help and be willing to assist me?

The cost for the home has increased do to the nature of the design, are there any grants for this type of venture and or Very low interest loans. The house will be located on five acres of land located in the Endless Mountains of PA. A business plan has been written and is available for serious inquires. I am also looking for investors.

I wish to build a 40' sq timber framed 2 story pyramid home.
My interest in pyramids... stems from childhood. My father is an architect and very interested in their metaphysical aspects.
For a number of years I have been exploring the idea of a pyramid house for myself. I am very interested in learning more about others who might also be considering this. The pyramid shape seems to have many advantages both in ease of construction, structural integrity and in environmental efficiency. I will be glad to send you my ideas if you have an interest. I'm about to build a model to be able to better explore options.

From May 1999

About 20 years ago, when I was a teen, I read a book about pyramid power from our high school library. I can't remember the author or the name of the book, but I know it contained a beautiful artist rendering of a two or three story pyramid house and detailed floor plans. Do you know of this book or the house plans?

From California

It appears that you were interested in building your own house from your drawings. That is what I was researching when I found your site. Any progress on your end? I am in a bit of a transition now, and it will either be a couple of years or a couple of months before I begin at least an outbuilding if not a main residence, depending on what happens in the next few months.

From Myself

This is what I sent to one person in E-mail in the last year or so. More to be added on use of space, history, vol/surface ratios, "psides", advantages, etc, -- real soon [12/10/99].

I do not have blueprints or an architect. I have been through some designs and structural analysis. Till recently I've thought that wood beams and steel brackets would be the way to go for 2-4+ storys, but the trees need a rest, so I've begun thinking in terms of steel-framing, using wood only where you'd come in contact with it, like certain floors. I'd also like the design to be as modular as possible - meaning employing unconventional techniques, which may make the whole thing very hard to finance.

I designed a very small single bedroom 2-story pyramid on a 32' base using conventional energy systems. Too small.

A 52' base yields 3+ storys. I planned a 1250 sq ft garden on the ground floor (half the base), and a 2 car garage, and a 'system' room on the base. Leaving room for 2 large bedrooms, a kitchen, and an open space -- 1/4 of the 2nd floor over half the garden space. The 3rd floor was 24' square I think. There would be room for a small crow's nest above the 3rd floor. Eliminating the garden and garage, etc, you would have a huge about of space, so perhaps something smaller than 52' would work.

As for metal - I think that a copper roof would be cool, and I don't think that it would create a negative effect.