The N-S Line, Electric Trolley

The N-S Line, 1900-1916 was an electric trolley that ran from north of downtown Portland, through Johns Landing, to the settlement of Fulton, with a southern terminus on Taylor's Ferry Road that reached the lowest section of River View Cemetery.

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Fulton was a settlement where traffic from Taylors Ferry Road, and the Sellwood Ferry, and Macadam Road all met in the pre-trolley era.

N-S Line to River View Cemetery line (1900-1918)

This line left Portland on Corbett, turned east on Nebraska, then Virginia Avenue serving the settlement of Fulton on the Willamette River, where Taylor's Ferry Road, Macadam Road, and the Sellwood Ferry all met. In 1900, the line was extended up Taylors Ferry just a bit to River View Cemetery. This line operated from 1900 to 1918. (Later, until 1937, via motor coach.)

River View Cemetery line

The trolley only went up Taylors Ferry Road a little way — just above Fulton Park Blvd, but short of any Stephens Creek crossing. There is a wide spot in Taylors Ferry Road now, on the creekside of the road, that was the trolley stop and end of the line. There was a Telephone located somewhere at the stop, probably to call a dispatcher. (Telephone is shown on the Fold Out Map in Labbe's book.)

At the End of the N-S Line at River View Cemetery

People would get off the trolley...

  1. walk down a path closer to creek level
  2. cross a foot bridge over the creek
  3. (presumable) go up a path to the grassy area
  4. walk over to a ~14-step staircase (still existing) to get up a level
  5. walk uphill to Section 1
  6. finally, up more steps to enter the cemetery proper.
End of the N-S Line at River View Cemetery (for illustration purposes!)

N-S Line Details

River View Cemetery built a foot bridge and stairs for visitors to cross from the trolley landing to the cemetery grounds. In 1965, parts of the foot bridge were still there, but it’s all gone now. — This gathered from Lee Rogers, RVC. Exact details TBD, but you get the idea.

We visit the 14 steps in the Self-Guided Walking Tour. The handrail can be seen from a across the lawn, giving their location away.

It should be noted that in 1889 Passengers could pay a single fare and ride the lines of more than one company. It was possible to ride all the way from St. Johns to the River View Cemetery for a single fare. Despite the necessity to change from steam cars to electric and from one system to another, this was a remarkable advance. [Labbe,p67]

The River View Cemetery stop was the southern end of the N-S line. The N-S line was operated by Portland Traction Company, a different company than the upper Fulton Park Metropolitan Railway line. It used used Williams coaches. It probably got its power from the central station on the eastside.

N-S Line at Seymour

At one point the line went on Corbett only as far as Seymour.

N-S Line at Seymour