One Last Meal from Virginia

Lunch was served at 1PM, at the Longhorn Barbeque on Argonne Road.

This is a Draft. Notes about attendees? The Menu?

We enjoyed a Longhorn buffet compliments of Virginia. The Longhorn goes way back. We had lunch at Longhorn before or after placing Dad's ashes in the niche. Uncle Bob Coffey used to buy us "Longhorn" take-out, and then take credit for "doing the cooking tonight" or some such wording. He also treated us to Chinese ford in the same way.

A few Entries from Sept 1937 Trip Journal

Leaving Spokane 7:50 AM.
Ran into a dog at 7:52.  He ran away.

Crossed Snake River 11:15.
Saw man on horse and buggy at 11:17

Entered Oregon at 11:45
"Boy what Scenery!"

freight train 66 cars - more yet

Umatilla 12:10 PM
ate lunch in shade
Left town at 1 PM.

Arlington at 2:05
prettiest town we've seen yet.
Registered for Oregon; got car sticker.
Picture of river out of Arlington.

"Little Wind"

Boat on River doing something
digging for gold or fishing.

3:20 Stopped at Celilo Falls.
Watched indians
catch salmon.
took picture

"Heap Big Wind".

John says: Ands that was just part way through the first day! I'd like to transcribe the whole thing. I haven't found the photos from it yet, or if I did, I didn't realize what I was looking at when I handled them. It would be great to combine photos from their trip with the journal entries. --JM

Photo by Cynthia of John talking about the travel Journal.