A1. Hillsdale Counter-Clockwise Loop

Map drawn with OpenOffice.org Draw by John Miller.
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Timing: The loop from Terwilliger & Taylor's Ferry (TER+TF) and back again is about 10-12 minutes. The one-way time from the college to TER+TF is max 7 minutes. The a total time would be 11.5 + 14 = 25.5 minutes, not counting stops and a layover.

Hillsdale Counter-Clockwise Loop

Advantages: The time getting to Wilson HS is shorter than Alt #2 because it goes there first, more directly. #39 could stop (lay over) at Burlingame Transit Center, above FRED MEYER on the way back to to college.

Disadvantages: The stop behind FRED MEYER is a bit of a haul from the front door. In Hillsdale, students would need to cross Capitol Hwy to get to Wilson High School.

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