A12. Large Loop via Spring Garden + Terwilliger

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Large Loop via Spring Garden + Terwilliger

When Field Op ... our focus shifted back to the Hillsdale Clockwise Loop, a new variation popped up, shown below. This variation, "Large Loop" option, would save some minutes getting from Hillsdale back to L&C, but it offers no compelling advantage (other than time), while making a larger portion of the route one-way only. It is an interesting variation that hadn't occurred to us before.

The question: Is this a viable alternative to the Small Loop? Would the reduced Time and the perception of more direct route back to L&C outweigh the loss of two-way service on Spring Garden?

Rationale for Using Spring Garden vs Terwilliger

The working group has long studied how to get from Terwilliger & Taylor's Ferry over to Hillsdale.

The Working Group decided earlier Not Go straight across Terwilliger, along Terwilliger Parkway to get to Capitol Highway, again because of the bad left turn there. This means going to Hillsdale along Bertha.

The Working Group decided earlier Not to Go north on Terwilliger to turn left onto Barbur (congested turn lane on bridge) to get to Bertha. This means Going to Bertha along Spring Garden.

Once you decide to use Spring Garden to get to Bertha, the question is whether to go back the way you came, or take Terwilliger. The trade-offs are listed under the Large Loop section below.

We are inclined to keep SPRING GARDEN because it serves Capitol Hill School and Safeway -- which we will need if/when Freddies is remodeled (and L&C wants it too). Basically it adds all the area along there. People on Terwilliger between I-5 and Taylors Ferry could either walk to Barbur, or to Ter/TF to catch the #39 or #43 as they do now (if at all).

The Large & Small Hillsdale Clockwise Loops

Both Loop alternatives go in west of Fred Meyer on 13th to Bertha, then through Hillsdale West-to-East on Capitol Hwy stopping at Wilson HS, then back to Barbur Blvd via Terwilliger.

Neither route would travel the Boones Ferry and Palatine Hill back Road segment.

Small Loop (alternative 11)

In the small loop, once back to Barbur, the bus would turn west and retrace its route back to the College via Spring Garden, Taylors Ferry and Terwilliger.

Consider people at the New Bertha Station housing -- They would board the #39 on Bertha Court just before it passes through Hillsdale, then ride it around to the front of Fred Meyer on Barbur and get off there. TO return home, they want to catch the #39 on Custer & 13th.

The stop in front of Fred Meyer has a Level 2 shelter (some amenities), and is convenient to Fred Meyer main entrance.

Large Loop (this alternative)

In the Large loop, once back to Barbur, the bus would just keep on going straight on Terwilliger over the bridge, and go all the way to Palater and the College neighborhood.

Pro: Making the run straight back to the Terwilliger / Taylors Ferry intersection would save time and be less circuitous, which would be more attractive for some riders.

Con: As the bus approaches the Terwilliger Bridge from Hillsdale, it would have to be in the non-curb lane in order to go straight across Barbur Blvd. Thhis wold preclude the bus stopping at Barbur, and instead would have to further back on Terwilliger, perhaps at Curlew where there is an "undeveloped" TriMet stop.

Con: The Large-Looping #39 would NOT stop in FRONT of FRED MEYER on Barbur on its return to L&C, as it does in current operation and in the proposed Small Loop design. Consider the Large Loop access to Fred Meyer as compared to the Small Loop.

Con: Consider people at the New Bertha Station housing -- Their ride TO Fred Meyer would be via the College, unless they got off on Terwilliger above BARBUR SHOPS (Curlew) and walked 300 (?) yards. To return home, they want to catch the #39 on Custer & 13th, same as in the Small Loop route.

Con: Any riders along Taylors Ferry, Spring Garden, Barbur, and Bertha would have one-way only service, having to ride to the College and back before returning to their boarding stop. The Large Loop can be closed on foot by walking from Terwilliger & Curlew to Barbur & 13th.

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