A4. Two Way Hillsdale-Multnomah

Map drawn by Gus Miller. Not a TriMet map!

The Hillsdale-Multnomah Route is a fairly large loop or two way route that connects L&C, Hillsdale, and Multnomah Village.

All alternatives stay on Terwilliger from Taylor's Ferry Road to Palater -- they do not go on Boones Ferry Road or past the cemeteries. We want to trade some backroad segments for better connectivity between commercial centers and other entities.

The surprising thing is that the larger route, going through Multnomah Village, takes only two and a half minutes longer than the smaller loop! Based on trials done by driving slowly in a car.

At our early October meeting, CVNA consented to abandon the big Lasso route that employs the freeway ramp as a short-circuit back to the Terwilliger bridge. Auto drivers free to so this sort of thing, but it doesn't make a good bus route.

Hillsdale-Multnomah Routes

Advantages: Many more attractions, including the Multnomah Arts Center and Post Office, and all of Multnomah Village shops. Gabriel Park is reachable via short SW Trail.

Disadvantages: Longer route, at least three minutes longer, probably way more once stops are made, etc.

Not directly served by the proposed Hillsdale-Multnomah Loop:

The biggest defect of the Hillsdale-Multnomah Loop is that it would not stop at or near Fred Meyer. Nearest stop to Fred Meyer would be above US Bank at Caldew on Terwilliger and Barbur Blvd. The return trip would have to be made by going back to Caldew and continue on around the loop.

Some says: It seems like a shame to leave out Fred Meyer. How about returning a different way? Leave Multnomah Blvd by turning left at 31st to go back into the village, turn west onto Troy, go to Capitol Hill Road and come out back on Barbur. Take Barbur west to Fred Meyer. Either stay in front of Fred Meyer on the south side of Barbur, or turn left into 13th and go up behind Fred Meyer, then back onto Barbur to cross the Terwilliger bridge.

This adds a lot of time just to get somewhat closer to Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer is walkable from the US-Bank/Terwilliger stop, not much further away than the stop across Barbur, or the stop up behind Fred Meyer. The best option might be to stop in front of Fred Meyer on Barbur, going westbound. However, no proposed loop does that.

To be fair about the existing #39 route, one can walk to US Bank, Barbur Shops, KINKOS, Hollywood Video, etc, from the Fred Meyer stop. By comparison, those same places are as far away from the existing #39 Fred Meyer Stop as Fred Meyer would be if the route were changed as described. Fred Meyer, Burger King, and the other places would not be as convenient as in the current route.

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