Shops, & Venues, and places on the Route

Did you ever notice that BUSiness begins with BUS? IN the following table, which Business goes with which stop depends somewhat on direction of travel.

Terwilliger & Taylors Ferry
in both directions.
Papacino's, barber shop, hair shop, liquor store, Market of Choice, Chez Jose, dentist, ...
Hillsdale Town Center
Middle of Town.
#39 runs only West-to-East
Baker & Spice, Wild Oats, Noah's Bagels, Paloma Clothing, Hillsdale Farmers' Market, Pizzicato, Impluse Video, laundromat, pharmacy, banks, Anastasia Hair Design, shoe repair, and many many more.

Walk west to Red Electric, Capitol Coffee House, Alba Oesteria.

SW Sunset in Hillsdale McMenanins, Salvador Molly, Three Square Grill, Public Library, Wilson High School.
Terwilliger & Caldew (Above Barbur) US Bank; A-Boy; Barbur Shops: KINKOS, La Costita, Baja Fresh, Hollywood Video.
Along on Barbur BLVD Fred Meyer & Safeway.
Most Every Stop Starbucks, Subway, Mexican food.

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