Fred Meyer Remodel / Rebuild

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Oregonian IN PORTLAND Thursday July 28th, Page 11 says "Nothing is likely to happen for at least a couple years.. FM Officials will have to sell the plan they eventually decide on to their parent company, Kroger Inc." So, I think we can eliminate this as a factor for now. However, it looks like it would be a factor in moving the bus if/when it is closed, or possibly re-doing the route after it's re-oriented.. for example: "Such a plan could move the main vehicle entry to Southwest Bertha Boulevard,which would require major signal improvements."

CVNA Route vs Fred Meyer vs other Businesses on Barbur Boulevard

It is possible that the new route would NOT go to the Burlingame Transit Center, but connections to #1 and #12 could still be made on Barbur Blvd at Kaady Car Wash (Eastbound) or Barbur Shops (Westbound).

Connecting to FRED MEYER

There is poor pedestrian access from the Custer & 13th stop for Fred Meyer. Something needs to be done about that before going live. We also assume that we can modify the route after FM is rebuilt, but I don't think we know enough at this time to anticipate what that will be like.

The design of the new Fred Meyer may affect the #39 significantly. Just a slight perturbation of the streets around Freddies, or the accomodation of transit stops on Bertha (2nd story entrance!?) could have a domino effect on the route. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

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