Marketing the New #39 Route


Marketing help offered from TriMet by Jon Joseph:

Perhaps one of you, or the neighborhood association, could compile a list of college and community events where the line might be promoted, including start and end dates for both L&C and Wilson?

Neighborhood Associations / Riders


Possibly participate in a discount coupon book that can be handled out on board the Bus line at certain times of the day by neighborhood volunteers.


Lewis & Clark College and Law School

Wilson High School

Work with Trimet.

Riverdale High School

Work with Trimet.

Capitol Hill School

Work with neigborhood.

St Clare's

Work with neigborhood.


Perhaps a letter to each church in the area, asking them to announce and / or publich in their church bulletin. Encourage their memebers ti use the bus when they can during the week. Bus service doesn't start on Sunday until 11:00 hour, so that won't be very useful! Churches include: Mt Carmel, St. Marks, St. Barnabus, St Clare's
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