Multipurpose tools for collaborative writing

DESCRIPTION: An innovative approach to collaborative writing, this program uses dialogues between students as the basis for the development of writing assignments. It includes two collaborative writing tools, the Dialectical Notebook and Conversation, that can be used in a variety of curriculum areas. These simple, flexible tools develop:

In the Electronic Dialectical Notebook, students write to a peer audience in an on-line environment. Using the program's scripting tool, teachers enter a portion of text and accompanying "focus questions." Students can send their responses to one another for comments. In the Conversation module, teachers create activities in which students share written opinions about different topics in a networked environment. Teachers can enter the "conversation" at any time. The shared document becomes a stimulating, ongoing discussion that sharpens multiple skills. Designed for use in any subject area, this award-winning program can easily be enhanced and adapted for many audiences and grade levels.

DEVELOPER: Susan Kirschner and Academic Technologies, Lewis & Clark College

Minimum RAM: 1Mb
Minimum System: 6.0.5
Minimum HyperCard: NA
Other requirements: AppleTalk compatible network

Single copy:    2FAOL-685-A             $65.00
Site license:   2FAOL-685-C             $299.00

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EDN won't work well on Power PC Macs, so it is essentially a dead program. We think it could be re-done as a web app.