Dymaxion Map

G4G15 Gift Exchange Submission
Atlanta, Georgia, February 2024

Sponsored by John E Miller
Portland, Oregon

About the Map

This particular version of the Dymaxion Map was prepared by John Nelson, of ESRI (Env Sci Research, Inc) a G.I.S company.

Preview (reduced and cropped square) ... Dymaxion Map Papercut - folds into Dymaxion World Globe

I wrote to Mr Nelson saying I was reproducing it as my gift item, but have not heard back as yet. Presumably he's OK with this, since I am not selling it, and and am giving him full credit, and linking to his original.

Instructions / Tips

Please read everything before doing anything.

Obviously, you must cut the map out of the paper. No advice on how to proceed, cut-wise. Use scissors to cut away everything that isn't the map. :^) You may want to use an exacto knife to get into a few acute places, as the scissors will not have easy access to them. (I'm not saying where those places are - you'll find out!)

Once it's all cut out, take a pointed (but not sharp) tool to score along the dashed lines*, using a ruler as your guide.

No Need to Score the TAKE ME TO ANTARCTICA tab/flap! ... It isn't on a corner (edge) - it fastens to the half triangle of that cuts across Antartica.-- flatly, not bent like the other flaps. Let that "Tab" stay flat.

Now you will be able to easily fold the map up, just to get a feel for it. You'll see how it wants to be in a particular shape. Practice folding the globe up to see how the tabs will fit.


The 7 paper tabs alone won't hold the globe together. You need to glue the flaps. I suggest putting Elmer's glue on all the flaps — not heavily applied, but more than a thin coat.

Then work quickly to stick each tab onto the inside of the globe. If it is hot out, the glue may dry before you finish, so apply more. Just hold in place for a moment, then move on to the next tab.

There are some edges without tab-flaps. They may gape open a bit. Once the globe is together, you can apply some glue along those edges to "seal the seams". If the glue dries clear, no harm done.

I think the last part to swing into place is tab-less, as shown below. You are on your own for a solution. I consider this a defect in the design.

last part to swing into place? No tab. No Glue. I do apologize!

You can download your own copy, or send it to a friend

Link to download full size image for printing... Seem like you could print this on 11x17" paper for a large globe! [7 MB PNG]

The map is sized so that it fits within most printer's printing area for 8.5x11" paper. My gift item was printed on 100 LB Matte Cover stock at FeDeX.