Information Superhighway anagrams

These are from Mike Morton, <>

TOP 10

 10. Enormous, hairy pig with fan
  9. Hey, ignoramus -- win profit? Ha!
  8. Oh-oh, wiring snafu: empty air
  7. When forming, utopia's hairy
  6. A rough whimper of insanity
  5. Oh, wormy infuriating phase
  4. Inspire humanity, who go far
  3. Waiting for any promise, huh?
  2. Hi-ho! Yow! I'm surfing Arpanet!

And the number one anagram for "Information Superhighway":

  1. New utopia? Horrifying sham

Fury, morphia, a wise nothing
Hey, what of inspiring amour?
How pithy -- a finer ignoramus
I swamp, horrify huge nation
I whisper nothing of my aura
Newt has a horrifying opium
This warning of my euphoria
Whining, amorphous -- yet fair
Why shun origin of a primate?
Wishing for a utopian rhyme

And, if you're really a glutton for punishment, the dregs:

A funnier highway impostor / Ah, infinity grew amorphous / Ah, somehow I purify ranting / Aim high now, Senator; purify / Aim high: entropy, raw fusion / Aim high; you're post-war Finn / Anguish, hairy women, profit / Aspiring whore of humanity / Fame: Hi, worship you ranting / Fiery ranting; who has opium? / Fish grew in harmony, utopia / Forewarn: my, his utopia nigh / Frighten him away -- oops, ruin / Gore fan: I worship humanity / He is up, waiting for harmony / Hey, I whip furor, antagonism / Hi, I'm snooping further away / Hi, geranium -- show any profit? / Hi. I am wry, profane, shouting. / High priority: amuse fan now / High priority: women's fauna / High-priority, famous, an' new / Ho ho, wiring snafu, my pirate / Hop on imaginary white surf / How I signify humor: Arpanet / How I terrify pious hangman / How strange: I unify morphia / How you finish grim Arpanet / Humanity wishing for opera / Hush, yawn, origin of primate / I foresaw high-unity on-ramp / I hum, yearning, show a profit / I muster fawning "Hip, hooray" / I refashion on-ramp with Guy / I whisper aura of my nothing / I'm a hero; purify Washington / I'm a panther, wishing for you / I, prisoner of a naughty whim / If your nightmarish weapon / Imagine rush; profit anyhow / Inspiration of my wager -- huh? / May haunt origin of whisper / May punish hero for waiting / Misfortune, phony hair, a wig / My wish: euphoria of ranting / Now I hop the imaginary surf / Now terrify Shanghai -- opium / O, worship the imaginary fun / O, yow -- human hair, fingertips! / Oh, Newt purifying his aroma / Oh, arouse my whip if ranting / Oh, hi... um... swearing? profanity? / Oh, now, prim naughty fairies / Oh, pigs, I forewarn humanity / Oh, show up terrifying mania / Oh, to whisper "Imaginary fun" / Oh, we shun imaginary profit / Oh, you rant as if whimpering / Opium frightens away rhino / Or a whispering of humanity / Origin of the unwary mishap / Origin of wispy human earth / Origin of wispy human heart / Our new profanity aims high / Poet, rhyming on Hawaii surf / Poisoning him further away / Premonition: Surf a highway / Prisoner of my wit again -- huh? / Proof Newt is imaginary -- huh? / Punishment for Hawai'i orgy / Pushing heroin away from it / Regain humanity of worship / Say "Hi" if I'm another grownup / Somehow infuriating harpy / Waiting for hymns, euphoria / Waiting for one's hairy hump / Warning of euphoria is myth / We hush on imaginary profit / What, his yearning for opium? / When I surf imaginary photo / Whim: go finish your Arpanet / Who, Rush? Imagine profanity / Whoa, push a fringe minority / Why finish a utopian, Mr. Gore? / Why go infuriate his on-ramp? / Why refashion grim utopian? / Why, origin of human parties / Why, origin of puritan shame / Win my harsh foreign utopia / Wiring of amateurish phony / Wish harmony, utopia, fringe / Wish of huge, primary nation / Wishing for utopian ham, rye / Wit of imaginary person -- huh? / Won me a high-priority snafu / Worship nation if huge army / Worshiping era of humanity / Yearning for opium, hash, wit / You are fishing with on-ramp

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