Transit Touring in NW Oregon

These pages are a personal project. I hope to describe a number of Transit Tours one can take in the Portland / NW Oregon region. The tours may all originate and terminate in Portland, with natural tie-ins to any of the towns on a given Tour. In their simplified form, the 'Tour' information would easily fit on a half page Card that could be handed out, printed, or viewed online.

The goal is also to produce a simple map of the regional 'system', like Harry Beck's London Underground map/design unified a jumble of different transit operators.

Is this a category of travel guides, self-guided Transit Tours? Is 'Transit Touring' potentially a real thing? It is for me! Transit-Oriented Touring, or TOT. 'Transitouring'.... -- John Miller, Portland, Oregon

Tag lines: Go Car Free! Lighten your Carbon footprint! Go places, see things, meet new people.

Transit Touring Projects

DRAFT After I gather several Tours, I'll settle on a common layout for the Transit Touring web pages, and make them all conform. Of course each tour will have suggested variations, and suggested things to do or see, and places to eat / shop. Each with a Map.

These Tours are possible by transferring out of Trimet:

  • Yamhill Wine Country [YAMHILL]
  • Estacada-Sandy - DONE! 12/16/19 [Link here soon]
  • Astoria-Ilwaco - DONE! 11/4-6/19 [Link here soon]
  • Astoria via Columbia route (CC Rider)
  • Astoria-Oysterville Option
  • Columbia County, West of Portland
  • Columbia Gorge Express [LINK]
  • Oregon Coast (See 'NW CONNECT-OR' below)
  • Sandy Day Trip
  • Mt Hood Day Trip via [MHX].
  • Mollala Day Trip?
  • Vancouver, Washington. Day Trip. Loop through Fisher's Mill and Downtown Vancouver?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Transit Operators

This will be a list of local bus operators and alliances, with acronym, hub town, website.

Sandy area Metro (SAM)

Sandy area Metro (SAM) Connects Sandy with Gresham, and Sandy with Estacada.. They also operate the [MT HOOD EXPRESS] to Timberline Lodge, and a shorter run from Sandy out to Brightwood. The put a box on the back of the bus for skis during skiing season, and have bike trailers during non-winter months! (Need to look at the schedule to see how much time on could have at the lodge before having to get back to Sandy.)

Follow @MtHoodExpress on twitter for message like: 'Due to early snow on the mountain the bike trailers have been removed for the season.


The nwCONNECTor is an alliance of (5) transit agencies across NW Oregon, that connect and coordinate to meet your transportation needs.

  • Check out their interactive route browser (Trip Ideas!) here: [LINK]
  • They list all of their Connections here: [LINK]
  • Check out their interactive trip planner here: [LINK]

NW Point (Amtrak partner) - Astoria and North Coast.

One can go to from Portland to Astoria via 'NW Point', associated with Amtrak. The bus goes out HWY 26 to Canon Beach, and north to Seaside, Gearhart, Warrenton, and Astoria TC. [NW Point]

Transit Centers

This will be a list of Transit Centers through out the region. Most of the Tours will be between two or more Transit Centers.


Human Transit Blog, Aug 8, 2019: Linking US Small Cities and Towns: Time for State Leadership [LINK]