Electoral College Quiz

The Electoral College will convene across the country in 50 state capitols and in The District of Columbia on December 19th, voting at noon, local time.
  1. How many Electors are there for the whole country? Where does the number come from?
  2. What number is the US House of Representatives capped at? Why? When was it capped?
  3. How many Electors does your state have? Are Electors people?
  4. What is the name of any one of the Electors in your state?
  5. How are Electors in your state selected? When are they selected?
  6. In your state, is there a set of Electors for each political party?
  7. Are the Electors in your state required to vote for the candidate put forth by their party, or are they free to exercise an independent and nonpartisan judgment as to the men best qualified for the Nation's highest offices?
  8. In your state, do Electors sign their ballot, or do the Electors vote anonymously?
  9. What does the Ballot in your state look like? A blank piece of paper? A printed Ballot?
  10. Does the Electoral Ballot in your state have a line for a write-in candidate, or must the Elector choose between presidential candidates who appeared on the ballot at your state's general election?

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Electoral Ballot in Minnesota.

Electors voting in Texas.. (Alamy/Stock Photo, alamy.com)

After the Electors vote, a vote summary is filled in, signed by all Electors, certified, and then sent via registered mail to DC, preferrably that same day. No delay!

Oregon Electors: Pledges from the current set of 7 Oregon Electors . Frank Dixon (a real person) and I served on the Multnomah County Citizen Involvement Committee in ~1988.

See my [Electoral Proclamation]

Composed by John E. Miller, Portland Oregon