Parker 75 Fountain Pen

I think I first saw the P75 at the Crescent department store in Spokane when I was in High School.

Parker 75 as seen in Advertisement

Uncle Bob got me a Parker 75 for college graduation in 1972. I think he paid $18.50 via Dahnken's mail order. The usual cost was $25! (Gold was selling for $32/oz at the time). I lost that P75 in Nelson BC in Summer 2003. Got another via EBay.

One I gifted came back to me from a good friend. Thanks Ann!

If you have one, you should be using Parker Quink or Super Quink.

If you need yours repaired, send it to:

Parker & Waterman Service Repair Center
1400 N Parker Drive
Janesville, WI 53547-5100

Send via Insured mail or UPS. Don't blame me for dated information here.

You can reach their customer service at 1-608-755-7000