Some Questions I Have

Some questions below may be asked in several ways. Some are elaborated.

How does the structure of net venation form as a given green leaf grows from the meristem? I.e what is the fate map of cells? Can you write an L-system for it?

What is the to/from flow pattern for a given leaf?

I would like to experiment with these same patterns applied to urban and village planning. Note the similarity between some street maps and leaf patterns.

Is the first division of the zygote into two daughter cells the division between the right and left halves of the symmetrical body?

How would a particle, ball, or wave front behave inside of a square-based pyramid as a function of the angle that the sides make with the base?

What is the name of the fresh scent made by sunlight falling on pine tree bark? It is possibly related to ozone. I have noticed the same scent worn by people, but I have been unable to pinpoint it in a crowd, etc. I think of it as being oxygen-mineral related, but it may be a very light floral scent. Oh-oh, now you are starting to think I'm a little weird.

What are good references to a life-long (cradle-to-grave) curriculum of learning for a well-rounded person? eg: science, math, economics, hygiene, nutrition, ethics, politics, history, literature, grammar, language, music, and so on.

Any references will be appreciated.... john at time haven dot us. Thanks!