About Site Teams

There are two Site Teams, A & B, of ~8-12 members. Each team has a team lead. The teams leapfrog each other except on the layover day.

Being on a Site Team can be confusing because we move ahead of cyclists to set up a site, then stay to manage that site. After the riders leave the site we pack up all the stuff we set up. Site teams spend half their nights ahead in the next town/camp while the other team manages the 'current' site.

An early setup crew is composed of Team A & B members, and functions as a single team.

Caveat: This page does not attempt to describe specific tasks a Site Team performs. It only outlines how a Site Team operates. There are many Roles, such as 'Entrance Monitor', and Tasks, such as 'Setting up Flags' that are learned by working with veteran Site Team members.

Site Team Vehicles

Each team has: The Pickups comfortably transport team members, and can also carry personal stuff in fair weather (more easily than loading gear into the steel truck).

modus operandi

Site Team members typically work in pairs or threes so new members are never assigned a task to do alone. Plus, it's more 'fun' that way.

Team (A) members each have an evening shift at one of the sites.

Team B operates 'differently'. LOL

Typically, once the Site Team goes on the road, we have tents set up for us by the Tent & Porter people. We are usually ahead of the shower units and kitchen. So, we may eat in a local cafe or diner. We sometimes get two motel rooms for showering, then 2-4 four team members can opt to stay in those rooms. In Crane, we all went to the local hot springs for a soak and shower instead, no motel. If there isn't anything locally, CO might bring one shower unit ahead for volunteers to use. That would be rare! (?) It Depends.

The Site Team trailer is situated in an out-of-the-way, but strategic location. Our utility trailer is white with a large Cycle Oregon logo. Cyclists often mistake it for Rider Services, especially when a pop-up C.O. awning is deployed.

The Site Team Camp is set up by Tent & Porter crew sometimes near the Site Trailer, but physically removed from Tent City and Volunteer Camping. Site Team Lead and members determine placement of our camp. The pickup and/or gator can be used to transport personal gear to the Site Team camp.

We try to leave one site by 9AM or 10AM at the latest and drive to the next site to have lunch. Then we begin setting up that site. The Team Lead decides what order things should be done.

We finish the setup the next day before 11AM (or noon), before cyclists arrive. The Finish line must be in place earlier. After it's all set up, we go into in reactive mode — relax & respond to situations, help at the finish line with chocolate milk, direct flow, etc. At some point, the Site takes on a life of its own, if signage is good, and needs no help to work.

Here -- Need some Notes about the kinds of things that comes up.. locals wanting access to their park to walk dog, for a little girl's birthday party, access to a swimming pool, etc. Because of random visitors, we always place traffic cones to prevent locals from parking where equipment will be located, and so on. They may ignore cones! Be nice to the community!


Breakfast is usually with the Team, in the dining tent or at a cafe.

In 2015: Team A members will be free at Dinner/Beer/Stage times at Farewell Bend, Halfway, the first night at Willowa Lake, and at LaGrande. We will also be free the whole first afternoon at Willowa Lake (a day off for Site Team A). Plans emerge.

Team B needs a paragraph here.

When we are ahead of the Dining Tent, we will enjoy meals in towns near our sites.

Individual Members

There is a C.O. Volunteer Position Site Team.docx .

Wear your yellow cap and laniard to identify yourself as a CO Volunteer to community members and riders.

Do not wear your yellow volunteer cap in the beer garden when off duty. CO Branded jacket, etc, is OK, because hey you need to wear a jacket.

Site Team members are free to drive their own vehicle and transport their stuff from site to site, but will not be compensated for fuel.

How about a Site Team Member FAQ, or converting this into a FAQ format? How about a A typical day for a site team member? (See Mike's email answer to Penny.) ... Including bathroom breaks! (jm)

See Site Team Packing Tips

Chris Freeman sez: If you snore like a Harley-Davidson, find a place off on the edge of camp. Finally, two words: ear plugs.

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