Site Team Packing Tips

Draft!! Version 1.0, 2015. Compiled from advice given to John Miller by Chris Freeman and Robert Hansen in 2013. Plus experience. Reviewed and revised in 2019.

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Clothes & Stuff

Bring more than one pair of footwear. Some people bring a pair of boots and tennis shoes some people double up on the boots or double up on the tennis shoes and bring three pair.

Plan to bring many T-shirts, as site work can be dusty and sweaty. You may need 10+ if on the early setup crew. Use your own judgement or system.

A Going to Shower Kit — A bag for your quick-dry towel, shampoo, thongs, clean underwear, ditty bag, etc. (Same bag can be used for going to the mobile shower on-site, and traveling off-site to a motel room for showers. See Modus Operandi page.. About Site Teams)

A Headlamp is not required for site teamwork as our work is done usually during daylight hours. A Petzl-type headlamp or flashlight is handy to get around camp at night, and make that late night trip to the Blue Room. Blue Rooms have glow sticks in them at night. Not good to depend on your phone as a flashlight - that uses up finite battery life!

Bring an outfit to wear to the Volunteer Dinner held on Saturday night (Day 7). You can leave in your car or transport in separate bag or case.


There is usually a huge amount of space available on the Steel Trucks for Site Team personal items, for example: You can use what ever kind of suitcase, bag, or trunk you want. It may get beat up!

Rule of Thumb: Try to have four or fewer items to transport, not counting your satchel and bike. Eg: Two medium duffels and two medium size tubs. Fewer items would better, but volume is not a problem. Some prefer one humongous unit. Be creative.


You can bring your own pair of work gloves, like those rubberized Blue Gloves, or you can choose a pair from a bucket o' gloves in the site trailer.

Q: What personal tools are handy to have?
A: No personal tools are needed. Some bring a pocket knife in a belt holster, but not necessary.

It's good to carry a small pair of snips, and/or knife. Seems like we are always cutting zip ties, pulling staples, etc.

Optional Stuff

A wide-brimmed hat is OK. (But we should wear our yellow CO Volunteer caps when riders are incoming. In the future, there may be a wide brim yellow volunteer hat.)

Bring a small pack to use in the evening to carry warm clothes. Many nights in the beer/music area start out warm and get cold fast, and it may be a long way to your tent.

A collapsible wash bucket (REI has them) is handy if you plan to do laundry; you won't have to wait in line for one of the wash buckets provided at the laundry area. Site Team members may be able to use a local laundromat at end of an Advance Day.

Fanny Pack (Chris Freeman): When in camp I carry a fanny pack with cash, sunscreen, flashlight and a portable toothbrush. The latter comes in handy at the end of the day so you don't have to make a separate trip back to the tent to get this stuff.

Some people bring a personal cooler for beer, mixers & booze. Some bring a bottle to share.


There are two blue bikes for each site team to use around the site. Site Team bikes go into the trailer overnight.

Team members may bring their own bike. (Let your team lead know.) Personal bikes can go into the trailer overnight, or into steel truck, or just locked up outside. Personal bikes must be transported in the Steel Truck.

Provided For You

Each team member will be assigned a handheld two-way radio.

All meals and snacks!

A tent will be provided and set up for you.

Trailer has Sunscreen and DEET. Trailer has fold up Camping Chairs.

Folding chairs may be moved to the site team tent area for the evening.

We also have two very large coolers for each team to use at the site trailer, stocked with various energy drinks, etc. Beer is available on site from CO after hours. Ice comes from the Reefer Truck.


In 2015, there will be a 4-Port USB Car Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter in a vehicle for use between sites. Two of the Vehicles may also have USB ports for charging.

We may have A/C power at some sites, either at the site or at the advanced day hotel room. You may also find a USB battery/charger unit handy. (Eg Jackery Mini)

Some sites will have power outlet at the site, but not all, so watch the power level on your devices!

Other Freebies

There is usually a commemorative jacket, vest, or wind breaker for volunteers to keep. Most people save this to keep it clean and don't use it during the day.

There may be a commemorative T-shirt.

Drink tickets are available for the wine/beer garden. Just ask.

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