Cycle Oregon Pattern Language Template (unofficial!)

Next task will be to create some examples and possibly modify this template. Need some examples because its hard to think how the intro paragraph could be different from the 'essence of the problem'.

Below is what each page (each pattern) would look like, approximately. It could be done using MediaWiki.

000  Pattern Name

[A photo of an archetypal example]

. . . an intro paragraph that sets the context by explaining how the pattern helps complete certain larger patterns. This is part of a running narrative throughout the set of patterns, ergo the three beginning dots.

⋇  ⋇  ⋇

The essence of the problem in one or two sentences.

[Body of problem]

The solution — the heart of the pattern, always stated in the form of an instruction.

A diagram, showing the solution with labels on main components

[Body of solution]

⋇  ⋇  ⋇

A paragraph that ties this pattern to smaller or larger patterns, which are listed.


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