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These will be notes I find pertaining to Fuller predicting the re-use of office towers. I'm not sure about Shopping Malls. A work in progress here. JM 7/9/20

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Critical Path

Thanks to CJ Fernley http://www.CJFearnley.com for locating this On page 264, of some edition:

At present all the great new city office buildings have fancy plumbing (with which only the typewriters sleep) while a majority of city people sleep in inferior quarters with poor plumbing. The moment we start giving everyone those handsome life fellowships, we will find almost all the great new business buildings in the cities being depopulated to such an extent that we shall, in quick order, be able to turn those buildings into great apartment houses and hotels to accommodate the free-will residential convergences of humanity in central cities. Although such skyscrapers are far less efficient than the ultimate city buildings, they will provide a satisfying step forward in accommodating humanity's successively occurring desires and needs to deploy into wilderness country or archeological research country or sports country or to converge to meet with other humans for conferences or other collateral developments of which there will be an ever-multiplying, exciting availability.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

In chapter 8, 'the regenerative landscape':

We soon will begin to generate wealth so rapidly that we can do very great things. I would like you to think what this may do realistically for living without spoiling the landscape, or the antiquities or the trails of humanity throughout the ages, or despoiling the integrity of romance, vision, and harmonic creativity. All the great office buildings will be emptied of earned living workers, and the automated office-processing of information will be centralized in the basements of a few buildings. This will permit all the modernly mechanized office buildings to be used as dwelling facilities.

Playboy interview (February 1972)

a candid conversation with the visionary architect/inventor/philosopher

Photos from the Buckminster Fuller 1972 Playboy Interview

You can read his interview via the BFI website. HOWEVER, the notion of converting office towers or shopping malls does not appear in this interview. [PDF]