Ron Hexum

Ron Hexum discovered my web site and sent me this letter.
Dear John,

My name is Ron Hexum, I live in West Linn, having relocated here to my birthplace (Portland, OREGON) from Boise. I have been designing and building solar pyramid homes since 1977. Attached is an aerial photo of one of 61 homes in 5 states. This is a 38' base, 3BR, 2B home with detached 36' base garage and shop building in Boise, built in 1982. The interior shots are self explanatory.

Soon, my wife and I will build my latest model for ourselves to introduce this incredible home concept to this area. It is called the Phoenix 2000 and is a 40' base home with a 32' base attached garage.

The home and garage are connected with a glass roofed atrium A frame entry, so you enter in between the two pyramids. The garage has a 500 square foot office loft accessible from the central entry. The home has a 6' diameter oak spiral staircase up to the master bedroom suite. The home will have a Taylor Metal Roof (Salem) and feature both PV (photovoltaics) and evacuated glass tube solar heating technologies.

Another new feature of the Phoenix 2000 is the use of SIPs (structural insulating panels), a revolutionary building product.

Ron Hexum

Ron's homes were featured in the Understanding: Pyramids program on The Learning Channel.


38' Home, Aerial Photo


Living Room

Loft Opening


Nampa House, Drive-under model, West Elevation. 4BR, 2600 SQFT.

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