2024 Sabbatical Announcement!

I turn 75 in 2024. I need to focus on some things. So...

I will be taking a quasi-sabbatical from these Community Projects:

I will also be taking a break from some Personal Projects:

What will I be doing on sabbatical?

Here's the deal - I have four iOS Apps languishing in the App Store.

Geom-e-Tree Not for Sale in the App Store!!

I must re-code these apps, Geom-e-Tree, Geom-e-Twee, PolygonFlux, and PolygonJazz, in 'Swift', which I must learn. That takes time. This is my main goal for my sabbatical. [APPS]

I will also do personal writing and research:

  1. Working on a presentation for G4G15 in Atlanta, February 21-25, 2024. [LINK]
  2. Offering guided tours of the Fulton Park area Powerhouse site, Brier Trench, ...
  3. Blogging on NewCollinView.Blog - on Bridges Over Stephens Creek, Graves, ... [LINK]
  4. Developing a "TICKETS TO RIDE" concept for local transit trips. Blogging on New Collins View Blog about local transit trips. [LINK]. Doing some new regional Transit Tours, or at least document ones done in the past. [LINK] Post any new transit and blog articles on Nextdoor.
  5. Working on a Self-Guided Walking Tour of SW Portland cemeteries trolley lines. [LINK]
  6. I will continue compiling papers and mementos for an auto-biographical book, and sort through ancestral papers.

I will intersperse App Work with Transit and other projects. None of this would be possible if I were volunteering for various entities.


I will be focusing on my grandson, my health, maintenance of Time Haven, a Carpet City project, and so on. These are the many things that have been taking a back seat to my other volunteer duties.

Keeping faith in democracy.

John Miller
January 7, 2024

Imagining Geom-e-Tree back in the App Store!!


Sabbatical, for sure! [Wiki]

How about some Otium? [Wiki]