Food we ate in Iceland

We had certain objectives: hot dog, arctic char, pickled herring, langustino (a small lobster), Reyka Vodka, Aquatvit, and skyr (a kind of yogurt). We achived all these.

We liked Skyr, an Icelandic yogurt. It's just a slightly different culture that we also can find in Portland stores. We had Skyr in the morning, with a little granola to get us to the first coffee shop.

We didn’t take pictures of every meal. Example: I had mashed fish in mashed potatoes and cheese. Several bowls of soup. (I got the impression that 'Islandic Meat Soup' is a euphemism for Sheep soup.)

Privately, we were offered (and sampled) rotted (fetid) shark meat, and also dry cured and smoked lamb (raw, but dried). We also tried pickled herring. Let's not comment on the shark.

Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Story here.

Hot Dog sleeve
Sleeve used for hot dog at cart, nature side


Salka Valka, a Fish House

We walked in earlier in the day, and ended up back here because it it seemed really authentic, and local. I had Ling Cod + potato and maybe broccoli. Cynthia had a seafood casserole. Sorry no plate photo.

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Fish House in Downtown Reykjavík

Bird Museum Cafe

Dessert for Lunch at Fuglasafn (bird museum). Website: ⤖⥉

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Bird Museum Cafe

Hali Museum Cafe

This was at Þórbergur Þórðarson Cultural Heritage Museum. The center is dedicated to the great writer Þórbergur Þórðarson (1888-1974) who grew up on the farm Hali. We didn't visit the museum exhibits. (There is a free App / audio guide tour - Hali Museum Guide - in your app store.) Museum Website: ⤖⥉

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Arctic Char plate, smoked Arctic Char sandwich

Fresh Eggs

Were available at a Hostel, for 50 cents. Same for coffee pods. (We had 2 eggs in our food supply.) The three coins total 300 kr, or about $3.

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Fresh Eggs at the Harbour Hostel in sticky-sholmur

French Village Cafe

In a village, FASKRUDSFJORDUR, with a french history. We shared the dishes.

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A crepe and a waffle. The crepe was wonderful - had rice in it.

Cold Cuts for Breakfast?!

Here is one of those breakfasts...

Cold Cut Breakfast Buffet
Cold Cut Breakfast (with one ham cold cut!)

We leave you with more Hot Dogs

Could Portland import a sheep meat hot dog concept from Iceland?

Hot Dog sleeve
Urban Side of a Sleeve used by a particular hot dog cart.