Signs I saw in Iceland

Road Signs

There are signs telling you where you are, where a road goes. At junctions simple horizontal signs tell which way to go and how far it is to somewhere. But there are no mileposts, or kiloposts, counting down the distance to anywhere.

typical local road signage
Key to places in a local area, like a directory.

All about road signs in Iceland: ⤖⥉

Signs for the Idiot Tourists

The are Not many signs in Iceland telling you what Not to do. But here are No swimming, No camping, No parking, etc

 No Swimming!
No Swimming!
No Parking No Camping!
No Parking and No Camping!
No Throwing Coins!
No Throwing Coins!
No Dumping!
No Dumping (gross)

At more than one informal rest stop or picnic area, the bushes were visibly littered with toilet paper.

No Trampling Flora!
No Trampling on Flora

And yet people stepped over the rope for a little better photo. They must think: Why not? Others have — It's already mud... One guy at Þingvellir seemed to do it with glee.