Virginia C. "Gina" Miller - Memorial Service and Related Events

Bob Miller A Loving Obituary
John Miller Here we are Again
Mike Coffey If Gina were a Viking
Janet Miller Gina, A Twenty First Century Martha and a Loving Heart
Beyond the Sunset Lyrics
The Reception This page yet to be put together. Volunteers?
The Luncheon Entries from 1937 Honeymoon Trip Journal
Fairmount Memorial Park Virginia now belongs to Eternity
Sunday, August 23rd More Ashes for the Peace Rose
Monday, August 24th Visit on Jerry's Birthday
The Photo Board A Long Family Feast
Memories & Condolences From the On-line Guest Book and transcribed from Cards
About the Music Born Again Worship Ensemble Singers, Bill Keale
The Program Memorial Service Program

KINKY TOO was evidently successfully adopted, under a new name.